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We've included 8 diverse activities into your one-month itinerary, so you can experience the most out of your destination. All you need to do is show up.

Hyperlocal Sabbatical - Gastronomy


This is how we typically start our chapter, getting to know each other over a group dining experience at an exceptional location that celebrates the local gastronomy.

Think an intimate Omakase in Tokyo, or dine at Diaca with Chef Debora Fadul- Guatemala's most celebrated culinary pioneer.

Hyperlocal Sabbatical - Nature


Escape the city and experience the natural wonders around your destination.

What about a Comporta horse ride on Europe's longest beach, scaling  Rio's Pedra da Gávea- world's largest seaside rock, or surf in Bali's secret spots with local legend Betet Merta.

Hyperlocal Sabbatical - Sports


We'll keep you fit throughout your chapter and introduce you to uniquely local sports. 

Try cricket in Mumbai, join a sunset altinha session in Rio's world famous Ipanema beach, or join a local tennis coaching nearby the complex of Paris' Roland Garros.

Hyperlocal Sabbatical - Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

Our local creators will take you for a tour of your destination's cultural highlights.

What about immersing in Carnaval month in Rio, going to an Afrobeats show in with rapper Jul Javii, or joining a workshop on Arab-inspired jewelry with designer Nadine Kanso.

Hyperlocal Sabbatical - City Tour

City tour

We'll take you around to see the city through the eyes of our creators and glimpse at some of the best neighbourhoods in town.

Together, we'll visit unmissable touristy attractions and discover hidden spots loved by locals- with hosts like the Lisbon Crooks, who'll show us the city from the surfing community's perspective.

Hyperlocal Sabbatical - Business & Creative


One of our mission at Sabbatical is to unleash your potential- whether it's helping you discover a new business idea or getting new creative juice in. 

We'll meet local entrepreneurs building innovative projects like Nathan's Urban Farm, or attend network sessions led by one of our creators Amah Ayivi in Soho House Paris.

Hyperlocal Sabbatical - Wellness


Your sabbatical can be the most relaxed, or intense month of your life- it's totally up to you how you'll spend it. Regardless, we'll get you recharged in the middle of the month with the most locally-unique wellness option. 

Think swimming in one of Madeira's natural pools, getting a traditional Balinese massage, relaxing over a beachside yoga session in Lisbon's Caparica coast, or stepping into a luxury Roman bath in Milan and Rome.

Hyperlocal Sabbatical - Excursion


No chapter is complete without exploring your destination's surroundings. We've included the best day-trips that you can't miss. 

How about witnessing the world's largest wave in Nazaré, escaping Dubai's fast-pace to the more relaxed Abu Dhabi, or hopping between national parks around Nairobi for the day.

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From Lisbon to Dubai and Nairobi, we have handpicked the world's most exciting destinations, with the perfect mix of city life, nature, and culture.


Where time seems to sway to the rhythm of Fado, effortlessly blends its historic elegance with a laid-back coastal charm, offering a unique local lifestyle that values leisurely moments and savoring the beauty of everyday existence.

Spend a month in Lisbon


The city of dreams and contrasts, where the vibrant chaos of its bustling streets harmoniously coexists with the serene contemplation of the Arabian Sea, embodies a unique local lifestyle that weaves together resilience, ambition, and a zest for life.

Spend a month in Mumbai

Rio de Janeiro

A city where samba rhythms and vibrant street art paint the very air you breathe, embodies a unique local lifestyle that celebrates the fusion of beachfront relaxation and electrifying carnival energy, making every moment a pulsating celebration of life.

Spend a month in Rio


A bustling metropolis cradled between savannah and skyscrapers, mirrors its unique local lifestyle in the harmonious blend of vibrant markets, wildlife conservation zeal, and a spirited, multicultural heartbeat that reverberates through its streets.

Spend a month in Nairobi


The vibrant canvas where Gaudi's whimsical architecture meets the Mediterranean's embrace, invites a local lifestyle that revels in the art of fiestas, late-night dinners, and a harmonious fusion of creativity and relaxation.

Spend a month in Barcelona


The futuristic oasis rising from the desert sands, captivates with its relentless pursuit of innovation, luxury, and grandeur, where the local lifestyle reflects a harmonious blend of global influences and unwavering ambition.

Spend a month in Dubai


With its iconic skyline and picturesque harbor, stands as one of the most vibrant cities globally, seamlessly blending cultural richness with breathtaking landscapes. Its dynamic arts scene, diverse culinary offerings, and a plethora of outdoor activities create an unparalleled atmosphere.

Spend a month in Sydney


A city of ancient splendor nestled by the Douro River, unfolds its unique local lifestyle where tradition thrives in the cobblestone streets, and a passion for art, wine, and camaraderie infuses every sunset over the iconic Ribeira district.

Spend a month in Porto


The tropical haven where emerald rice terraces meet azure waves, embraces a unique local lifestyle where spirituality and artistic expression intertwine, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in a harmonious blend of tradition and natural beauty.

Spend a month in Bali


Where timeless elegance meets contemporary flair, exudes a unique local lifestyle that seamlessly balances high fashion, historic artistry, and an unapologetic appreciation for the pleasures of la dolce vita.

Spend a month in Milan
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Come when it's best

Each chapter is uniquely themed on what's currently happening. Come during low-season for a more relaxed experience, or witness the craze during festivities.

Web Summit


Surf the tech-boom. Ride the wave. Come for Web Summit, the world's largest startup event- and stay to witness the world's largest wave in Nazare.

Booking opens soon

Carnaval do Rio


Experience how the entire city of Rio gears up for Carnaval. You might know it as a three days event, but locals know it as a month-long culture.

Booking opens soon

Dubai's festive season


With temperatures ranging from 26°C to 14°C, this is the ideal time of the year to explore Dubai and its outdoor activities. Join the wide arrays of end of the year events and parties.

Booking opens soon

Dia de los Muertos


Come for the world famous day of the dead ceremony, and stay for the tranquil and originality of Oaxaca. This sabbatical is for those who want to experience a truly Mexican culture.

Booking opens soon




Powered by creators

Our sabbatical programs are crafted from the insights of 300+ creators featured by Hyperlocal, spanning the realms of culinary, arts, and entrepreneurship- some of them will lead your activities.

Lebanese designer

Ahmed Amer

Illustrator and fashion designer Ahmed Amer resides in Beirut. He is the recipient of the Maison Mode Mediterranée, Marseille, France, Openmymed 20/21 Prize.

Visit Ahmed's guide to Get Lost in Beirut  


French Creative

Margi Van Doren

Margi Van Doren is a French celebrity stylist based in Paris. Hyperlocal got together with Margi in one morning in the Summer of 2022, to create a city guide that embodies his own persona and the city's fashion scene. With Margi, you will find his favourite African restaurants, the best places for vintage thrifting, and the wildest locations of afterparties.

Visit Margi's guide to in Paris


Dubai-based jeweller

Nadine Kanso

Nadine launched her radical jewelry brand Bil Arabi in 2006, which has fast become one of the most exciting new brands to emerge from the Middle East. Having resided in Dubai for more than 20 years, Nadine shares some of her favourite spots and activities that keep her creative and innovative as a cultural entrepreneur in the city. 

Visit Nadine Kanso's guide to Dubai


Italian Chef

Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura, one of the world's top chefs, is credited for opening the globally renowned Osteria Francescana in Modena, which has received three Michelin stars. His network of restaurants in Los Angeles, Seoul, and Tokyo are noted for their inventive and imaginative approaches to Italian cuisine. He is regarded as one of the heroes of Italian food and the culture of Modena. 

Visit Chef Massimo Bottura's guide to Modena

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